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Day tour on the Gold Coast

Posted in Accommodation at 04 September, 2014

Beyond the sunny beautiful golden beaches on the Gold Coast, there's much more to revel in and experience. You won't only enjoy surfing and beach sports and activities here, or a seaside relaxation, but there are just a lot of other amazing sights, attrac...

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Our tour desk will help you plan your Gold Coast trip

Gold Coast Coastal View
Posted in Accommodation at 24 August, 2014

Many tourists head over to the Gold Coast for its sunny golden beaches but beyond those, there are so many wonders to discover and attractions to explore around the city and the hinterlands. Not only will you find picturesque beaches but the Gold Coast ha...

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Be part of the Kingfisher Realty Burleigh Swim Run

Burleigh Swim Run
Posted in Local Events at 09 August, 2014

For those seeking some fun and challenging activities to do on a weekend that the whole family will also enjoy, head on to Burleigh in November and experience the extraordinary sporting activity at the Kingfisher Realty Burleigh Swim Run. Taking place on...

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A sweet family holiday escape on the Gold Coast

Chevron Palms 054
Posted in Accommodation at 23 July, 2014

If you and your family are looking for an exciting holiday adventure and ultimate relaxation, then the Gold Coast is a worthwhile option for your family holiday getaway. This beautiful coastal town is better suited to a summer holiday destination, given t...

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Watch Missy Higgins live on the Gold Coast

Missy Higgins
Posted in Local Events at 03 July, 2014

Legendary Aussie pop star, Missy Higgins, is again going around more than 20 cities in Australia for a much-awaited concert tour. Entitled Missy Higgins - OZ Tour, fans who have missed Missy now get the chance to catch her in one of her tours. If you happ...

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Sun, sand, and surf on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast
Posted in Location & Attractions at 23 June, 2014

Aside from its famous beaches, its sunny subtropical climate, canal and waterway systems, modern city attractions such as huge shopping centres and word-class amusement parks, night scene, and rainforest hinterland also make Gold Coast one of the most fav...

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Be a part of the Gold Coast Pet and Animal Expo 2014

Gold Coast Pet And Animal Expo 2014
Posted in Local Events at 11 June, 2014

Learn everything you need to know about pets and animals and enjoy exciting shows and activities at this year's Gold Coast Pet and Animal Expo. If you love dogs, cats, parrots, rabbits, and even some exotic pets like reptiles and other rare animals at hom...

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Cruise along the scenic Surfers Paradise

Wyndham Cruises
Posted in Location & Attractions at 25 May, 2014

You've been working too hard throughout the year and hardly give yourself any chance to unwind and take it easy. It's about time you reward yourself with a worthwhile and pleasant holiday and treat yourself to an exciting getaway. If you feel like escapin...

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Sweet treats in Surfers Paradise

Max Brenner Australia
Posted in Location & Attractions at 06 May, 2014

If you haven't travelled around the beautiful island of Gold Coast, then you haven't experienced the sweetest holiday escape yet. Famed for its unrivalled natural scenery and all the exciting adventures to be discovered across the island, it is also where...

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A great urban island escape on Chevron Islands

Gold Coast Coastal View
Posted in Location & Attractions at 24 April, 2014

Australia is teeming with lots of glorious and beautiful islands with a wealth of nature reserves that many tourists fall in love with. Aside from the rich biodiversity that these islands are made of, many of them are also a booming urban cultural landsca...

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